Hellberg Passive earmuffs

No hearing protection suits every environment, therefore you must choose a hearing protection suited for the actual noise environment you work in. That way you will be sure of the right attenuation for your particular situation. You must also take into account the length of time you are exposed to the noise. If you don’t wear protection the whole time, you may sustain irreparable damage to your hearing.

We offer Hellberg hearing protection suited for everything from low to extreme noise level environments. Regardless of whether you choose our headband, neckband or helmet mounted models, you get hearing protection with unique Hellberg solutions that are always comfortable to use.


Hellberg Face Protection

In addition to hearing protection, many work environments require face protection. Hellberg offers customized visors solutions for applications such as forestry, gardening, agricultural, construction, joinery, industry, foundry, chemical handling, and electrical work. The visors and carriers are ergonomically designed to be practical and effective and are easily combined with earmuffs, safety helmets and browguards.

SAFE 1 – visor solution for headband-style hearing protectors
SAFE 3 – visor solution for browguard

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