MSA V-Gard Helmets

MSA V-Gard Helmets are industry leading safety helmets for users in construction, arborists, mountain climbers and many other industries. With MSA’s rigorous testing wearers can feel confident that they are receiving maximum levels of protection. All MSA helmets are EN certified and you can learn more about the different types of certification below.

EN 397 Explained

For all general head protection applications EN 397 provides the performance standards and testing requirements to keep wearers protected by CE approved helmets in the workplace. Backed up by testing requirements to ensure consistent manufacturing standards. The EN 397 certification requires a helmet to protect sufficiently against impact and penetration as well as having sufficient anchorage with either a built in chin strap or the ability to attach one. The certification also requires the wearer to have a clear field of vision whilst the helmet is in use. Our MSA V-Gard 500, 520 and H1 (Novent) all come with EN397 certification.

EN 12492 Explained

When working at height or climbing all safety helmets must adhere to EN 12492 standards. These helmets must also undergo rigorous impact and shock absorption testing at the front, rear and sides of the helmet. Similarly with penetration unlike on an EN 397 certified helmet, an EN 12492 helmet must protect against penetration on any part of the helmet rather than just the crown of the head. Like with EN 397 Helmets, all EN 12492 helmets must also provide the user with a clear, unobstructed field of vision when worn. The other area which is extensively tested is the helmets retention systems, all EN 12492 helmets chin straps and headfoam are subjected to high force tests to ensure that they stay in place in the event of heavy shocks. Our Trivent MSA V-Gard H1 helmets are EN 12492 certified and offer maximum protection when climbing / working at height.

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