Sordin CC Supreme Headsets

Sordin CC Supreme ‘Active Listening’ Headsets, exploit the latest technology to deliver premium sound quality, with reproduction of ambient sound, good directional location, noise cancelling mic and connection to two-way radios. Available in both headband and neckband variations. We also offer replacement hygiene kits and headset bags to keep your sets at their best for longer.

Sordin Supreme

Designed for the most rugged environments imaginable, it’s the excellent sound reproduction that made Sordin Supreme legendary.

Sordin Supreme is legendary in electronic hearing protection. No brand can match its mythical status as an essential part of any serious outdoor user’s wilderness kit. More than 30 years after its first introduction, Sordin Supreme is more renowned than ever for its outstanding robustness and excellent ambient sound reproduction – and keeps attracting new generations of quality-aware users across the globe.

Sordin Supreme owes its superior-quality reputation to a unique set of benefits: safe hearing protection, ambient sound enhancement, extensive communications opportunities, and not least, reliability. Your Supreme will never let you down, even in the harshest weather or user conditions.

Sordin Supreme was designed to keep on going where others don’t. A genuine robustness intuitively sensed by anyone balancing it in their hands. A slim cup design offering you full freedom of movement, while – remarkably enough – providing excellent hearing protection. The tight feeling over the ears, without compromising on your comfort.

These qualities may seem unique to any hearing protector. But it takes more to create a legend that spans generations and make users remain loyal to a brand, decade after decade.