Two-Way Radio & Semi covert headsets, RSMs & PTTs

We have a large range of noise-cancelling, heavy duty or semi covert headsets, radio earpieces, remote speaker mics and Press-to-Talk (PTT) switches for your Two-way PMR or DMR radio. Two-way radios include leading manufacturers Icom, Sepura and Standard Horizon, whether for marine or land-based use. Accessories include Endura Rapid Chargers, Multiplier Batteries and for vehicle & control room radio systems the RadiAll workstations.

Heavy Duty Noise Cancelling Headsets

High quality, noise-cancelling, heavy duty, passive and active listening (cut-off) communication headsets from leading manufacturers to support workers in demanding environments.

MSA CC Supreme Headsets

MSA CC Supreme Headsets exploits the latest technology to deliver very high sound quality, with reproduction of ambient sound and good directional location, as used by the Military, shooting and airsoft enthusiasts.

SWATCOM Lightweight CC Headsets

These rugged lightweight headsets are designed for comfort and durability and will connect to two-way radios handsets as listed.

SWATCOM Semi Covert Range

Covert/Semi Covert earpiece kits support a range of radios, in-ear communications, cuff microphones and discrete PTTs.

SWATCOM Press To Talk switches

Press-to-Talk (PTT) switches to enable transmission from a two-way radio, allows quick connection to a wide range of headsets and accessories.

SWATCOM Remote Speaker Microphones

High performance Remote Speaker Mics (RSM’s) offer a rugged, lightweight, cost effective solution which is ideal for industrial and security applications.