Head and Face Protection

Talking Headsets offers a range safety helmets, visors and safety glasses that are designed and tested to meet European standards to ensure that your safety needs are met. We are also able to offer hearing protection and communications solution that can be incorporated into our helmets.

Fire and Rescue Helmets

Our European approved MSA Gallet F1XF, F1SF, F1E & F2 X-Trem professional Fire and Rescue Helmets that can be customised to meet your requirements, whether you are a fire-fighter or working at a remote emergency station.

Safety Helmets

Safety helmets from leading manufacturers with changeable harness and slots for hearing protection and visors, available for a variety of industry sectors.


Visors and carriers for a variety of applications such as forestry, gardening, agricultural, construction, joinery, industry, foundry, chemical handling, and electrical work, available as either helmet attached and standalone.

Helicopter Helmets

Omega Helicopter Helmets are state-of-art communication helmets for helicopter and helideck crews, designed and built to the tough European specifications. The helmets have superb communications and electrics, to suit all radios, with belt or helmet PTT button.

Climbing Helmets

Essential for work at height and certain industrial activities, Petzl helmets offer effective protection for the head from falling objects and if a person falls.

Marine Helmets

Working with both rescue & emergency organisations Gecko Safety Helmets are the result of many years’ continuous research & development the result is versatile head protection adaptable to meet the needs of rescue services and extreme sport enthusiasts.

Helmet Communications

Helmet attached and Under-the-Helmet (behind the neck) headsets are available to support most leading safety helmet and two-way radio manufacturer.

Helmet Accessories

Chin Straps and Harnesses for MSA V-Gard and Balance Safety helmets.

Safety Glasses

We offer high quality safety glasses from MSA for all industrial sectors.

AM/FM Radio Headsets

AM/FM Radio Headsets

AM/FM radio headsets from Hellberg and MSA that offer the hearing protection necessary in noisy environment, whilst providing entertainment either through radio or AUX input.

left right cut-off

Level Dependent Headsets

Level Dependent headsets have microphones in each ear-cup to ensure directional hearing and enables you to hear conversations and other important noises whilst filtering out harmful noise.

Ear Muffs

Ear Muffs

Ear muffs / ear defenders from MSA, Hellberg & A-KABEL including the popular MSA left/RIGHT, HPE and EXC models. We have different versions of ear muffs depending upon the level of hearing protection required.

Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs

Earplugs – disposable, reusable, detectable and banded from MSA & Hellberg. Our range of ear plugs are designed to support most working environments.



A selection of spare parts for various headsets, PTTs and other products, whatever spares you require please call customer service.