Head, Face, Eye & Hearing protection

Talking Headsets offers a range safety helmets, visors and safety glasses that are designed and tested to meet European standards to ensure that your safety needs are met. We are also able to offer hearing protection and communications solution that can be incorporated into our helmets.

MSA Safety Helmet

To be updated soon

AM/FM Radio headsets & Electronic Hearing Protection

We offer Active [Cut-Off] level dependent ear muffs that filter out harmful noise, AM/FM radio headsets & headsets with bluetooth support. All our headsets are designed to offer protection in short term or over prolonged periods during the working day in noisy environments.

Hearing Protection

We offer a range of passive hearing protection which reduce noises as they pass through the ear muffs, ear defenders or ear plugs.

Face & Eye Protection

Essential for work at height and certain industrial activities, Petzl helmets offer effective protection for the head from falling objects and if a person falls.