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Electronic Hearing Protection

We offer Active [Cut-Off] level dependent ear muffs that filter out harmful noise, AM/FM radio headsets & headsets with bluetooth support. All our headsets are designed to offer protection in short term or over prolonged periods during the working day in noisy environments.

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Level Dependent Headsets

Level Dependent headsets have microphones in each ear-cup to ensure excellent directional hearing, offers natural sounds,enables you to hear conversations and other important noises whilst automatically filtering out harmful noise.

MSA Supreme Range

MSA Supreme ‘Active Listening’ Headsets, exploits the latest technology to deliver very high sound quality, with reproduction of ambient sound and good directional location, as used by the Military, shooting and airsoft enthusiasts.

AM/FM Radio Headsets

AM/FM radio headsets from Hellberg and MSA that offer the hearing protection necessary in noisy environment, whilst providing entertainment either through radio or AUX input.